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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Will the House GOP Agenda Create a Meaner Oklahoma?

Who Would Jesus Exclude?

The Oklahoma Republican Party has announced its agenda for the coming legislative session. Their goals include the abolition of the Human Rights Commission, the "protection" of religious speech [Note: How can you 'protect' speech that is not threatened?], and a furthering of the restrictions in last session's HB 1804.

It seems as if the self-styled "Party of God" sees its mission as one of enforcing its own Purity Code on the citizens of our state. Their message is simple: "If you measure up to our standards, you are 'IN'. If not, you are 'OUT'." Why do we need to be known as the mean state, the angry state, the state that excludes rather than the state that includes?

The good people of this state must see their agenda for what it truly is: the old Divide and Conquer. As long as they can keep our eyes focused on "the enemy", and it this case the enemy truly is us, they can keep on keeping on with the same old economics, same old entrenched power structure, same old "we have ours" attitude.

Wake up Oklahoma, or our next license plate motto will be: Oklahoma--We Probably Don't Want You Here.

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