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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Democrats Beat The Other Guys in SC

Barack Obama speaks to supporters in South Carolina

from MSNBC National Affairs writer, Tom Curry, "There were two true stunners Saturday night: the size of Sen. Barack Obama’s margin of victory over Sen. Hillary Clinton — 28 percentage points — but just as significant this number: Total turnout for Democrats in their primary was greater than the turnout for the Republican primary in this state, which is one of the most loyally Republican in the nation. [emphasis, mine]

One cannot read too much into this. It was a primary and not the national election, but I think it at least indicates how enthused the Democratic Party is about its candidates compared to the other party. We have pretty consistently outpolled them in all the primaries so far. We must work hard to keep this momentum rolling.

Obama would make a great candidate. I love the way he has the young people of this country charged up, including those in Oklahoma, . The way the young have responded to his campaign feels like the way that the young responded to Kennedy in my parents' day (though not my parents themselves), or Eugene McCarthy in my generation. (Though again, not me, I supported Nixon in those days of ignorance.)

Here is a link to the MSNBC article:

Why Obama won and what his win gets him

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DivineJoy said...

Go Obama!

Here's an interesting read by Ralph Nadar on his blog ...