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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oklahoma Methodists Challenge Immigration Law

A United Methodist task force in Oklahoma is calling for reconsideration of House Bill 1804, the 2007 state law on immigration.

The group urges state legislators to revamp the law in their 2008 session and rallies the grassroots to express their opinions at the Capitol.

A formal statement was released Jan. 30, 2008, by members of the Oklahoma Conference United Methodist Immigration Task Force. The statement references biblical examples, Church resolutions, and written policy of the worldwide denomination.

I am glad to see faith groups getting involved in opposition to House Bill 1804 because that law has to be one of the most anti-Spirit of Jesus law ever written. One day we will look back on it and wonder how we could have so betrayed the Our Lord's teachings.

Faith group urges review of 2007 state immigration law

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Dr. Jan said...

Well written, Lynn!