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Saturday, January 12, 2008

OKC School Board Reaffirms Porter's Suspension

Friday, the School Board met again to reaffirm Dr. Porter's suspension. They had to have a "do-over" because their the first meeting violated the state's "Open Meetings Act". However, District Attorney David Prater saw nothing in the Board's actions that warranted prosecution.

According to an article by Jeff Raymond and Bryan Dean, reporter for The Oklahoman:

Prater said the language on the board's agenda Monday regarding the executive session did not spell out that board members were discussing Porter as required by an attorney general's opinion. . . . .

Prater said Monday's meeting more closely met the definition of a special meeting, which requires 48 hours' notice.

"I don't think this action rose to the level of a criminal violation regarding any attempt to conceal or hide the action the board was trying to do at that time,” Prater said.
[The Oklahoman, 12 Jan. 2008]

As I said earlier, I trust David Prater implicitly. If he feels this is a technicality, then that settles it for me.

School board affirms Porter action

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