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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Real 12th Man/Woman

Sorry, I couldn't find an OU or OSU 12

Here's something a bit different from my usual posts. I had an idea that colleges might adopt to show their fans how important their support is for the hometeam.

Suppose a college were to give their Number 12 on their roster to the fans? No player would wear it; however, it would not be "retired." The roster would list Number 12 as the "(Name of College) Fans." Fans would be encouraged to wear jerseys with Number 12 at the games because they would be a part of the team since their support is needed for the team's victory. (This would not work where "12" had been retired previously.)

Of course, the 12th Man idea is most often associated with Texas A&M, but I've often heard sports announces talk about a tema's fans as the team's "12th Man" in football (and 6th Man in basketball), so the idea is in public domaain.

I've already written to the Oklahoma State athletic department about this since their Number 12 was given to a senior this past year. From the looks of the reception OSU has been getting about its new ticket sales, they could use all the fan support they can get!

Anyway, should any university adopt this idea, you heard it hear first!

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