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Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Memorable Medallion

Corporation Commissiner Jim Roth addresses the 6th Annual Medallion Dinner crowed
We had an outstanding Oklahoma County Democratic Party Medallion Dinner Saturday night. Once again, the great Democrats we have in Central Oklahoma came through for us. Jim Roth, newly appointed member of the Corporation Commission and former Oklahoma County Commissioner, gave a speech that was touched with greatness. I hope to have a copy of his message to post on this blog. He spoke of our need to respond to the attempts to close us off from the rest of the world through our fears and intolerances.

A highlight was the auctioning of a chair donated to the Medallion by state representative Al Lindley. The chair was one used by Lindley during his time in the legislature. When all the chairs in the House chamber were recently replaced, Al purchased the chair he sat in and donated it to the county. State Sen. Debbe Leftwich was high bidder, and she then promptly donated the chair back to Al in honor of his many years of service to the people of Oklahoma.

Around 200 people attended and all gave the event rave reviews.

Thanks everyone for making this a memorable Medallion!

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