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Monday, March 10, 2008

Kern Claims Homosexual "Agenda" worse that Terrorism

State Rep. Sally Kern
A speech by State Representative Sally Kern has been gotten a lot of hits on You Tube, but not for reasons that the Oklahoma City politico might like. Kern is heard saying,"The homosexual agenda is destroying this nation; it's just a fact." One of Kern's most controversial claims is that homosexuals and homosexuality is "more of a threat to the United States than terrorism." Kern really is only saying aloud what the rest of her ilk think in private. She represents House District 84 which is located in the Bethany-Warr Acres part of Oklahoma County.

Here is my response to Ms. Kern:
Sally Kern is unworthy to represent the good people of House District 84. Her recent ravings about the “homosexual agenda” being a bigger threat to America than terrorism reveal a woman who has a sick soul. As far as this writer can tell, gay Americans want the same things all Americans want: liberty of conscience, freedom of speech, equal economic opportunity, and security for their lives and property. I wonder which of these rights enjoyed by all Americans does Kern find threatening? Which of these would she deny her fellow Americans? And since she specifically condemned Islam in her speech, how many other Americans would be denied their human rights in Ms. Kern’s world? The Americans in Kern’s district should be the ones feeling threatened by Ms. Kern’s agenda. They should deal with that threat by removing her from office.

Sally Kern was once a social studies teacher at Northwest Classen High School where my wife is currently a teacher. Students frequently complained that their grades often depended on whether or not they agreed with Ms. Kern's political viewpoints. One student in particular found herself at odds with Ms. Kern because the student was Jewish and did not go along with Kern's fundamentalist views on American history and culture. The student's mother had to intervene on behalf of her daughter; otherwise, Kern's grade would have seriously impacted the student's GPA.

I guess being a bigot affects every facet of one's life and work.


Kerry Conway said...

Thank you for responding to her claims. I have learned to have tolerance when it comes to listening to others points of view. As long as I can speak my mind in return to their thoughts. I will pray for her. Love is a natural defuser.


Lynn Green said...

Your response shows more Christian compassion than does hers which is ironic because her husband is a minister of the gospel.

T.R. said...

Thank you for your intelligent response. I believe you might a have hit the nail on the head of the real "gay" agenda. An inherent desire for basic human and civi rights should not be considered a threat to anyone...it should be considered democracy for everyone.

Lynn Green said...

In speaking of slavery, Abraham Lincoln once said that in giving freedom to the slaves we insure freedom for all people. I think the same can be said about the "gay agenda." In honoring the human dignity of gay citizens, we insure that all Americans enjoy their right to human dignity.