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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oklahoma Democratic Party Convention This Weekend

On Friday and Saturday, I attended the Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention at the Marriott Hotel on Northwest Expressway. The main purpose of the convention was to elect our state delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorade.

We were told that we are the first state in the nation to complete this process, so, technically speaking, Hillary is in the lead since she won the majority of our alloted delegates during the state primary at the beginning of the month.

Mostly, this is a time to fellowship as Oklahoma Democrats, and to hear news about what is happening at the state level. The biggest news, other than the delegate selection, was that for the first time since the Brad Carson fiasco of 2002, our party is out of debt and in the black! This is a major accomplishment for our state party chairman Ivan Holmes who has had to work without salary and a very limited staff since his election to his office at the 2007 convention. Quite an accomplishment for Ivan. He also announced that we will most likely field a candidate for all 101 state House Districts and probably will do so for the Senate districts up for election.

Some pictures from the convention:
Democrats gathering together before the convention
Wilfredo Rivera, Oklahoma City Public Schools Schoolboard Member and announced candidate for OK House District 93
US Representative Dan Boren of Congressional District 2

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