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Monday, February 25, 2008

Good Grief! Nader's Running Again

Nader's Nadir?
Ralph Nader once again has thrown his hat into the presidential ring. His stated reasons are the usual ones given by fringe elements of the political spectrum: the two major parties have no distinquishing differences, the corporations are in charge of both, yahda, yahda, yahda, yahda. I see why President Truman considered his greatest grief came not from conservative, but from those he termed "professional liberals."

I guess it is true that "those who do not have eyes cannot see." Nader must have had his head in the sand or some other orifice for the last 8 years. Perhaps he doesn't want to own up to his personal responsibility in creating the mess we now have in this country. Had Al Gore been allowed to win the state of Florida, and therefore the presidency without dispute, then we would have a much different America than we now have. Perhaps we would not be fighting a two front war in the Middle East,we would not have seen our civil liberties under constant attack, and the rest of the world would certainly not hold us in the contempt they do today.

One question I would ask Ralph if I could is, why the presidency? Why would someone with no experience in elective office believe that he could even be president? Run for Congress or the Senate. Find out what it is like to have to appeal to a constituency that goes beyond the hothouse of your little inner circle. Then apply those lessons to a run for the White House.

Get into the world the rest of us live in Ralph!

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