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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Women and Children Main Casualities of War Between Israel and Hamas

from the Associated Press
LONDON – International doctors called for an end to the violence in Gaza, saying hospitals were scenes of "nightmarish havoc" in articles published Wednesday in The Lancet medical journal. In a special report detailing the human toll of the Gaza offensive, the Lancet said Gaza City's Al Shifa hospital asked for extra refrigeration equipment before the bodies of patients with severe wounds began decomposing.

The hospital, Gaza's largest, reported its 585 beds were filled in the first week of the Israeli offensive.

The Lancet cited the Ministry of Health in Gaza as saying that as of Monday, 292 children and 75 women had been killed in the offensive, with 1,497 children and 626 women wounded.

Neither side in the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians can claim absolute moral authority, yet this is exactly what each side claims for itself. The only thing absolutely true about this situation is that women and children will suffer and die.

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