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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Day!

The view from my front poarch as the ice continues to fall.

No school today due to an ice storm that roare through the state. "Snow Days" really should be called "Ice Days" in Oklahoma since that's what we get here on the Southern Plains in the winter.

We likely will have no school tomorrow as the forecast calls for a "high" in the lower 20's. This would make this winter the third in a row where we have had multiple days of instruction lost to incliment weather.

Of course, we will make them up at the end of the year, but that means fewer days to prepare for the state "End of Instruction" (EOI) tests. With the number of days we seem to lose each term to the ice, I would not be surprised to see districts across the state "front load" the school calendar, starting school during the second or even first week of August in order to get in more school days prior to the EOI's.

Some are doing this already, and I'd like to see if they experience any more success because of the change. Our State Superintendent of Schools, Sandy Garrett, has advocated a longer school calendar. Perhaps we just need an earlier start.

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