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I am a high school English teacher in an urban high school in Oklahoma City. I am a member of the American Federation of Teachers, Local 2309. I am a Democrat, a union activist and a worker for social justice. I also am a Christian (Congregationalist). I play chess and coach our school chess team.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Day III, Oops!

Still Thawing
Maple in Winter
Looking out my back porch
Cat and I got up this morning and got around extra early to get to school on time and avoid any traffic problems. Around 4pm yesterday, we got an all call from the district announcing that classes would resume on Thursday.

When we got to Nortwest Classen where Cat teaches, no one was there. A call to her principal confirmed that, indeed, classes had been later cancelled by the district! Evidently, we didn't pick up the phone when the 2nd call came through.

Guess the sidestreets didn't thaw enough to make it safe for the buses to run. On the way home, I nearly slid into another car while trying to stop at a 4-way stop intersection.

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