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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Karl Springer Talks With AFT Building Leaders

AFT President Ed Allen, left, with new Oklahoma City School Superintendent Karl Springer, right, addressing the AFT-OKC Worksite Leaders
New Oklahoma City School Superintendent Karl Springer spoke at some length on Wednesday, August 6th, to a gathering of American Federation of Teachers Worksite Leaders. The Worksite Leaders, who are the primary representatives for OKC-AFT Local 2309, met in the union's conference room to discuss their responsibilities for the coming school year in their respective school buildings . OKC-AFT is the bargaining representative for all certified teachers in the Oklahoma City Public School District.
New Oklahoma City Superintendent Karl Springer
Mr. Springer talked about his goals for the district emphasizing the need for "responsibility" and "transparency." He stated that while he will delegate authority where necessary, "I can never delegate responsibility. When that happens, all you get in finger pointing." When one teacher asked Mr. Springer about the problems the district has had with previous superintendents, Springer stated, "When I am driving, I find it is best to always look through the windshield. I cannot be always looking in the rearview mirror." Mr. Springer outlined his strategy for building relationships in the community which is to maintain complete transparency. He also promised that he will also set aside time on a regular basis to visit building sites.
Worksite Leaders and AFT President Ed Allen listen to Superintendent Karl Springer
Mr. Springer seemed to impress the teachers present for the meeting. Said one veteran teacher, "The best thing about him is that he talks like a teacher." Mr. Springer emphasized his years in the classroom before becoming superintendent of the Mustang School District, his last assignment before accepting the job in Oklahoma City following the resignation of superitendent, John Q. Porter who served only a few months as superitendent of the district.
AFT President Ed Allen and OKC Superintendent Karl Springer pledge their best effort for a successful school year.

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