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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jim Roth Takes Part in Mayflower Pulpit Series

Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner, Jim Roth

Jim Roth, newly appointed member of the 3-person Oklahoma Corporation Commission, delivered the sermon this Sunday at Mayflower Congregational Church in Oklahoma City. Roth was appointed to the commission last year by Gov. Brad Henry following the resignation of Denise Bode from the commission. The Corporation Commission is given the task of regulating the activities and rates of Oklahoma's public utilities like electricity, natural gas, and phone service.

The topic for Roth's sermon was "Quiet Faith" which he constrasted to flashy demonstrations of religiousity. "Some people are more concerned about putting up giant crosses by the Interstate Highway, having loud rock and roll bands in order to attract worshippers, or trying to get lower income people to contribute large sums of money to rich evangelists than they are in trying to follow the teachings and example of Jesus," Roth noted. He praised Mayflower Church members for putting their faith into action. "Here we have Care Teams visting the sick and dying, our '363' group feeding the homeless on Saturdays, our medical mission to Nicaragua, and many other examples of quiet faith in action."

Roth is running for election to a full term on the Corporation Commission. He previously served as County Commissioner for Oklahoma County District 1.

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