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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wal-Mart Health Care Spending Decreases

You are not going to believe this. Wal-Mart’s health care spending per employee actually went down, and the number of Wal-Mart workers without company health care has risen to a whopping 775,000 workers or 57% of the company.

In response, our campaign is releasing a shocking new report titled, “America Pays, Wal-Mart Saves: The Growing Cost of the Wal-Mart Health Care Crisis.” The report estimates the Wal-Mart Health Care Crisis cost American taxpayers nearly $1.4 billion in 2005 with a projected cost over the next five years of $9.1 billion.

Please download your copy of the shocking report and take action today:
Wal-Mart Health Care Crisis

As you know, we have been working vigorously to enact Fair Share Health Care legislation all across America to stop corporations, like Wal-Mart, from shifting their health care costs onto taxpayers. Although Wal-Mart and its allies are spending untold sums of money and hiring lobbyists in every state to defeat us, the will of the American people cannot be stopped.

We are launching a new tool on our website to help you make your voice heard in your local community. You now have the ability to find your local newspaper and submit a letter to the editor by going to WakeUpWalMart.com

Please make your voice heard on the Wal-Mart health care crisis by going to:
Health Care Letter

Wal-Mart’s shockingly bad health care numbers prove more than ever how important it is to build public pressure to change this corporation. We need your help now! We have to grow our movement from 182,000 supporters today to 1 million supporters. As our grassroots army becomes larger, we will become an even more powerful force for change.

Only you have the power to change Wal-Mart and change America. Make sure to download your copy of the “America Pays, Wal-Mart Saves” report and ask your friends, family members and co-workers to join our movement to change Wal-Mart and build a better America.

Thank you for all that you do,

Paul Blank


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