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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Easy Teaching Day

Today was about as easy as easy can get.  Timeblock 1 & 4 took (yet another) test. This time it was the Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test.  The district, I guess, wants to know if the students have made any progress on their reading levels.

Of course, the students pretty much see this as a waste of time, so many don't take it seriously, or don't take it at all.  One young man refused to take it and just stood around disrupting other students who were taking it. (We had to do it on-line and were in one of the Career Tech teachers' classroom.) He was escorted to the office. Another student finished the 45 question test in under 3 minutes. (He had 20 minutes to work on it.) 

My senior classes, Timeblocks 3 & 6, did Sustained Silent Reading.  They actually did keep silent and some read, other pretended to.  This is an "easy grade" for them as long as they keep their heads up, their books open, and don't talk. Many are looking for a way to boost their grade at the end of the year, so they take advantage of the opportunity.

My 7th hour was mainly absent. We had an athletics award assembly.  I did not get a list of who was supposed to go and who wasn't when they called the athletes down during 6th hour, so by the time 7th hour came, I had maybe 8 students out of a class of 27.

As I said, it was an easy day, but not much education took place.

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