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Monday, November 21, 2005

GM Closing Lays Bare the Lies

Greetings Fellow Democrats:
The closing at GM has laid bare the lies foisted on the state by those who claimed that passing anti-worker legislation such as "Right to Scab" and "Taxpayer Bill of Goods" will bring prosperity and high paying jobs to the Sooner State. This announcement coming just before the holiday season shows us that we must all summon our courage and stand together or else we will fall victim to those who through their access to the available means of power can, at will, toss men and women on the scrap heap.
Many voices will try to blame unions such as the UAW for this event just as they attempted to blame the victims of Katrina for their suffering. They will say, in effect, you wanted too much. You should not have desired a decent standard of living, a home for your family, adequate health insurance for you and your family. You should be willing to accept the sort of marginal living in those in the countries that now have your jobs are willing to accept. Shame on you for wanting too much of the American dream.
I have no solution for this. If there were easy answers, quick fixes, we would have discovered them long ago. Besides we have seen how far the quick fix has gotten us in this state. My thoughts and prayers are with the men and women of the UAW who worked at GM many of whom are my good friends. I also pray that our leaders will display wisdom and courage for these times. We face difficult times ahead, but if we keep our focus on what is just, right and fair and not on what is personally convenient, we will triumph

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