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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leonard Pitts Jr.: This 'stop snitching' culture? As weak and cowardly as it gets

Leonard Pitts
African-Americans have never been a weak and cowardly people. Weak and cowardly people do not risk their lives running to freedom. Weak and cowardly people do not stand against government and guns, dogs and fire, demanding freedom. Weak and cowardly people do not produce Harriet Tubmans, Henry Johnsons, Rosa Parkses, Martin Luther Kings or Barack Obamas.

But this right here, this so-called "stop-snitching" culture? It's as weak and cowardly as it gets.

I have been using this editorial in my classes to do analytical reading and to spark some discussion on its topic. I think Leonard Pitts is one of the best writers on topics pertinent to African-Americans. One of his collumns generated a neo-Nazi demonstration in his neighborhood.
Leonard Pitts editorial

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