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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cartoons and the Politics of Violence

Controversial Cartoon from the NY Post
The New York Post and, particularly, one of their cartoonists, Sean Delonas, have stirred up much controversy over printing the above cartoon. Many feel that the cartoon uses a racist term to refer to Barack Obama since Obama has been the moving force behind the Stim Plan. The Post and Delonas refuse to apologize for the cartoon. Delonas claims that Obama is not the target of the cartoon which alludes to a chimpaneze shot in Conneticut though he seems to admit that one could infer that he is refering to Nancy Pelosi (as if this mitigates anything at all).

Defenders of the cartoon point out that several times Bush had direct images of him that made the former president look Simian.

However, I would like to point out that a possible racist image is not the sole problem with the cartoon. There is also the implication that violence is a viable poltical solution.

For example, imagine that this cartoon had appeared while Bush was still president and it had the following caption instead.
"Well, I guess Dick Cheney's now the president."
All of a sudden, it's not so funny. In fact, I would imagine that the cartoonist would have some 'splaining' to do the the Secret Service. Perhaps, the "Silent Service" should look in on Mr. Delonas.

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Rick said...

I agree. It's not even that funny.