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Monday, July 07, 2008

Karl Springer named as Superintendent of OKC Public Schools

Karl Springer has been named to be the next superitendent of the Oklahoma City Public Schools. He has served as superintendent of the Mustang Public Schools. Mustang is a fairly affluent suburb of Oklahoma City. Mr. Springer fulfills at least part of what I believed to be a requirement for the next superitendent in that he is a local person. He is not what I call an "Insider." I am not certain at this time how much experience he has had with urban schools like those in OKC, nor do I know what kind of "blue water" experience he has had in the classroom.

All of that will come out soon, I'm sure.

My concern is that he knows that working in an urban school district won't be like working in a suburb like Mustang. One problem he will have is gaining the trust of teachers who have seen the superintendent's office become a revolving door. A lot of the attitude will be, "I've was a teacher before this guy came here, and I'll be a teacher after he has gone." He won't gain trust by simply ordering folks around. That's not how a democratic school system works.

from The Oklahoman Springer named OKC schools superintendent

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