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Monday, July 14, 2008

"McCain=Bush" Sign Gets 60 Year Old Busted at McCain Event

Carol Keck

Carol Keck, a 60 year old librarian, was cited for "trespass" for having a sign that read "McCain=Bush" outside a "townhall meeting" in Denver, Colorado. A McCain staffer evidently saw this as a "protest sign" and asked that she be removed from the event which was held at a public venue, Denver Performing Arts Complex .

Ms. Kreck was not inside the hall where McCain was holding his Town Hall event when security approached her. She was standing quietly in the public plaza between the Bonfils Theatre Complex and the parking garage.

First, I'm not a big fan of "passive-agressive" tactics, so asking why "McCain=Bush" can be considered offensive is a bit disingenuous. However, having people show up at an event that is "open to the public" and then arresting that part of the public you don't like seems rather, well, unpatriotic. Far worse than whether one is wearing a flag pin or not on their lapel.

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