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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Question about E-Mails

I have a question about subpeonaed e-mails. Can deleted e-mails be recovered?

When I delete e-mails from my in-box, I usually go to the deleted e-mail files and delete them again just to get them out of my e-mail system altogether.

Now, Howard Shultz' suit against the PBC to get the Sonics back seems to rest on some discovered e-mails they got from Clay Bennett and others. So did Bennett just not delete the e-mails? Could he have? Should he have?

Someone who knows how this stuff work please enlighten me on this.

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Deann said...

E-mails can be recovered (or at least pieces of them) often times, even though they have been deleted, just as files that have been deleted can be recovered. In this case, however, I would guess that somebody kept a hard copy that was used in the court proceedings. YOu are so lucky to have gone to the World's Fair!