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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Grassroots Rally

Oklahoma Democratic Party "Grassroots Rally"
Oklahoma County Democratic Party Secretary James Baggett gets into the spirit of things.
Part of the crowd at the "Grassroots Rally"

John McCain was in Oklahoma City Friday just long enough to collect campaign donations and run, about an hour in all. Contributors paid $2300 for the priviledge of shaking his hand and $1000 to get their picture taken with him.

Oklahoma Democrats met at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union Hall for a Frank n' Beans "Grassroots Rally" for which we paid $2.30. For an extra dollar we could get our picture taken with Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama (represented by life size cut outs.)

Frosty Troy did his usual great job of rallying the troops. He pointed out that McCain, owner of at least 8 houses, said that the solution to the current mortgage crisis was for the homeowners who faced foreclosure to "get a second job."

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