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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Jim Roth Catches a Hit and Run Suspect

Jim Roth, Corporation Commissoner and crime fighter
Jim Roth, Oklahoma Corporation Commission, helped to apprehend a driver after the man allegedly fled the scene of an accident he caused. Roth told reporters that he saw a man rear end a car driven by a woman while Roth was traveling on NW 23rd Street near Ollie Ave. The woman's car then rear ended another vehicle. The man causing the accident tried to drive away, but Roth followed and caught up with him. Roth then blocked the fleeing driver's car. Roth then called 911 and the police

For a complete story use the following link from the NewsOK.com web site

Jim is running in a special election for a full term on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. The Commission is charged with regulating utiliites and consumer rates in Oklahoma. Gov. Henry appointed Roth to replace Denise Bode who resigned from the Commission in 2007. Prior to his appointment, Roth served as one of Oklahoma County's Commissioners.

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