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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Americans Seek Afforable Health Care in Other Countries

Dying for Lack of Dollars?

I wrote the following letter to editors of The Oklahoman in response to a "Your Views" letter published in the May 17th edition.

Dear Editor:

Rick Olsen claims that the US “already has the best health care in the world” evidenced by the fact that foreigners come here for their health needs. Some do, mostly the wealthy seeking elective procedures and other medicine most Americans cannot afford.

But many American go to other countries for their health care. Many seniors go to Canada and Mexico for less expensive prescriptions. Americans have also found it more affordable to go to India for their surgeries.

And if our health care is the “best,” then why are our infant mortality rates among the highest and our life expectancy one of the lowest in the industrialized world?

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