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Friday, May 18, 2007

Food Drive Breaks Records!

National Letter Carriers' Food Drive A Success!

My good union brother, Bob Bearden, sent me this report on the NALC Food Drive that happpened on May 12th:

All stations except one have reported in their final totals, and that one will be completed by Monday. The current total of food collected in the Metro Area now stands at 347,849 lbs, and there will be more to come. Before we are done we expect to pass 350,000 lbs.!

We pledged to collect 300,000 and by last Saturday night we had exceeded that total by some 5,000 lbs. We have now exceeded it by another 47,000 plus lbs. and counting. One location, Midwest City will have reached at least 30,000 lbs by Monday. Three other locations have exceeded 21,000 lbs and another is within 29 lbs short of 20,000. Edmond's three stations have exceeded 42,000 lbs. Yukon has nearly tripled its amount over last year. It has truly been a Labor of Love! And there are so many people who worked long and hard to make it happen! WOW! is probably an inadequate description, but WOW!

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