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Friday, April 20, 2007

Give 'Em Hell Harry

Jeff Danziger

Harry Truman once said, "We Democrats simply tell the truth and the Republicans think we're giving them hell." Recently, another Harry has been giving them hell all over again.

Repubs have gotten their panties in a twist because Sen Harry Reid told them the truth that the war in Iraq has already been lost. As usual, they tried the old distraction game by saying his remarks showed, "Disrespect for the troops."

Well, Chuckles, the troops did not lose this war. You did and the little toy soldier you helped put in the White House managed to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Our brave men and women did all that we could ask of them and more in Iraq. They still are. However, W and you boneheads forgot the lessons of history which say, "Don't over stay your welcome." No Army can occupy a nation for very long without that nation's explicit consent. The British couldn't do it in the colonies. The French couldn't do it in Vietnam. Russia couldn't do it in Afghanistan.

You lost this war, and the sooner you face up to that fact, the sooner our national shame can end.


oldmanemu said...

what a typical post from some one of your background !!!!!!!!

Lynn Green said...

Is it typical of you to question the messager because you can't refute the message?

oldmanemu said...

Lyn , no offense meant I wrote what I believed just as you do. email me og to my blog i you want to discuss more

Lynn Green said...

Sorry, I guess it was the word "typical" that through me.

oldmanemu said...

ok so now we can be friends we actualy have similiar views

oldmanemu said...

And a very big thank you for visiting my blog you may be the only person who does between now and the end of time !!!!!!!!